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Jennifer Harris & Michael Olmstead
Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Michael and I met on the computer through a chatline. Our first meeting was at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. We spent more days together and decided to move our relationship to the next level. Michael and I were engaged in 2005 and decided that we couldn't live the rest of our lives without one another!
Michael and I are getting married July 27, 2007 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We are having the ceremony at the Great Hall in Saint Paul. It's a beautiful renovated ball room with a escalator that has glass on the sides and huge pillers inside. Our wedding is starting at 5pm.
Our reception is also taking place at the Great Hall. Dinner will be starting about 630pm.
Michael and I are excited to proclaim our love for one another, won't you join us on our special day as we rejoice and exchange vows!