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Sara Ingham & Ian Roberts

Our "official" engagement picture!

The new "Roberts" family

Our Story

We met when I went to buy a car. Kyler's car seat was posing an issue in my car, so I was looking to trade it in and get something with a bigger back seat. When I walked onto Ehrlich Toyota's car lot, I figured I be met by some older bow-tie wearing car sales man...and out walked Ian. After test driving one car (I know, I know), and finding out that Ian was a SINGLE dad, I decided that I wanted both the car and the sales man.
I needed to go get lunch, so Ian gave me a buisness card and pointed out that his cell phone number was on it. When I came back to buy the car (with my grandmother), and after the paperwork was signed, he gave me ANOTHER buisness card, again pointing out that his cell phone number was on there. My grandmother made a point to tell me that he was flirting with me, and since he was pretty cute, I decided to text him a few days later.
The car that I bought was totaled a year later, but the salesman, he was a keeper!

Our Wedding

We decided to get married at the Moon Palace Spa and Golf Resort in Cancun, Mexico. We figured that the only thing better than getting married would be to get married on the beach in paradise with our friends and family there!
The wedding will be at 4:00 PM, the exact beach on the resort is to be determined.
We would like for our guests to be comfortable during the ceremony and reception, so ladies, a sun dress would be recommended, and guys, light weight pants or nice shorts with a nice, comfortable dress shirt would be great!

Our Reception

The reception will be held on the resort following the ceremony, details to follow.

Travel Arrangements

All travel arrangments can be made through All About Honeymoons with Karla. The phone number is 970)686-7077. The weather should be in the 80's while we are there! Karla has all of the information regarding travel and resort, and any other questions that you might have!

A Special Message From Us

We look forward to seeing all of you there to share our special day! We did our best to accommodate people's budgets, however, if you cannot come, we understand! We will have a BBQ at our house when we get back and settled.