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Alicia O'Dell & Brian Wadley
Location: Wyandotte County Lake Kansas City, KS
Tucson Desert Museum
Tucson Desert Museum
We passed each other in the halls for the better part of a decade yet never knew one another. By our mid twenties we were finally introduced by a mutual friend. A New Year’s kiss half a year later set in motion a path we could never have imagined. From late night drives between Lawrence and Olathe to transplanting our lives in Phoenix we couldn’t have asked for better companionship. Over our 2 years together we have grown into self sufficient, mildly responsible :), ambitious, earth conscious individuals who still can’t help but act like children sometimes. We share a love for helping those in need, continuously educating ourselves and to take part in the world and cultures that surround us. Though we may not always have an abundance of resources we believe that it’s the little things that count. We love spending time with our friends, our pets and flopping on the couch like zombies with a glass of wine after a hard work week. We have the openness to be complete nerds in front of each other knowing we won’t be judged (harshly) for our actions. And we only mildly embarrass each other in public. The love we share has only strengthened since day one. If you can make it through that you can survive anything, right!? :)
We started this planning thing with the intention to think outside the box. Our goal is to provide our guests with the most natural and at home environment and feelings possible. No cookie cutter wedding here, leave the black tie at home! Anywhere from the handmade clothing we will wear to the home made dinner we will serve, we wanted this day to reflect the people we are and the respect we have for the world and people around us. Our ceremony will be outside rain or shine (we are hoping for shine of course) encircled by our friends and loved ones. We are choosing to walk barefoot to honor nature and the higher powers that guided us together. We are more than thrilled that you will be there standing barefoot (hopefully :) ) right along side us as we begin our new life together.

James P. Davis Hall, Wyandotte County Lake Park, Kansas City, Kansas.
I435 West towards the race track. Exit at the woodlands following the signs for the park turn left, enter the park and the Davis Hall is the first “cabin” on the left side.
We hope you’re hungry! A homemade mexican buffet awaits you, loaded with locally grown/raised products cooked with love. And, no we didn’t forget the cake, keep your shirt on!

Kick back with a beer or some sangria, request a song or two and prep those vocal cords for Karaoke. We also will be dancing all evening so be sure to stretch out those hamstrings!

All the place setting consists of gently used dishes that are yours to keep if you so desire. Anything that remains after the reception is over will be donated back to the community.

We will be remaining at the Davis Hall until 11 PM.
We are making our way back to Kansas by way of train! We are super excited to relax to the beautiful scenery along the way. After our shin dig we are heading back to Arizona by way of air plane to enjoy 4 days in Flagstaff and Sedona. The forest and the red rocks are the perfect setting to start our new life together.
Thank you so much for visiting our wedding website! We hope you have enjoyed reading all about us and our wedding. We look forward to an amazing honeymoon to remember for a lifetime. Love~ Brian and Alicia