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Clara Garibay & Steve Ingram
Location: Iberostar Paraiso Maya, Playa Del Carmen
Steve and I met by chance at a nice outing at Lake Lewisville July 3, 2005. Jenny and Brian had spoken to each of us about the other person and we finally got to meet that day when Jenny invited me to go out to the lake on Steve's boat. He was a very quiet person and really didn't talk all that much but Jenny kept talking to me about Steve and I believe Brian was talking to Steve about me. After a little time on the boat we finally struck up a coversation. We ended up spending the whole day together and were inseperable ever since! Everyone who says opposites attrack are right! Steve is quiet and I talk all the time! We have been together for two and a half wonderful years now and it just keeps getting better! Steve proposed on Chistmas Eve 2006 in front of the Mustangs at Williams Square in Las Colinas. Steve surprised me when we stopped at Williams Square just after dark in the rain before we went to Christmas Eve dinner with his family! He got down on one knee if front of those beautiful statues (in the rain) and said some wonderful things to me that I unfortunately can't remember now because I was in complete shock! Who knew a day at the lake would lead us to a wonderful life together!
We are getting married in Playa Del Carmen on April 27, 2008 at the Iberostar Paraiso Maya at 7:30pm on the beach. We have never been to Playa but we decided on a destination wedding because we liked the idea of having a small, memorable wedding! Many people say they remember very little about their wedding because they are worried about all the elements falling into place. We felt a smaller wedding would work better because we wouldn't have the stress of planning all those elements! After speaking with several people and doing a little research we decided Playa Del Carmen was the perfect place and it would give everyone a nice place to vacation. The Iberostar Paraiso Maya is a beautiful all inclusive resort right on the beach. They only perform one ceremony a day,which is very different from most of the resorts in Mexico who perform a wedding every hour! Our wedding will be on the beach and will be casual so please feel free to dress comfortably! Please visit for more information on the resort.
Our reception will immediately follow the ceremony at one of the A La Carte restaurants in the resort. The details have not been ironed out yet on the menu or which restaurant. I'll keep you updated as soon as I have that information. I believe we plan on having mariachi's early in the evening and then dancing the night away with a DJ playing some great music after the mariachi's are finished so even though you're coming in casual attire bring your dancing shoes!!!
All About Honeymoons has done a great job in getting our perfect wedding planned for us so please contact Kelly Hearn as (817)371-8043 or email her at Kelly has done a great job and she will be able to book your flights and hotels for you. If you do not want to stay at any of the hotels we have suggested Kelly is willing to shop for you as well so please do not hesitate to reach out to her! Many people have decided to rent villas and make this a vacation so give Kelly a call and she can help make your arrangements as well!
We look forward to having everyone celebrate our very special day with us in Mexico! If you can't make it, we are considering having a reception here in Dallas so keep a look out for more details!