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Kelsey Thamm and Casey Marre's Honeymoon Registry

Universal Studios/Western Carribean Cruise


Barrier Reef Snorkel with Beach Break

On our Carnival honeymoon in Belize, we’ll discover an underwater paradise! We’ll snorkel through the cool blue waters coming eye to eye with tropical reef fish and colorful corals then we’ll soak up some rays and lounge under a shady palm while sipping on rum punch cocktails!

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Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter

We’ll experience quite a memorable adventure on our Carnival honeymoon in Roatan Island! Gliding through the crystal clear waters with friendly dolphins, admiring their beauty and grace, enjoying their playful antics and sharing a touch, a kiss and a splash or two!

registry_cart_item_862986 Dolphin Encounter

Universal Studio Ticket

This allows us a three day pass into any of the awesome them parks at Universal Studios!

registry_cart_item_862988 Universal Studio Ticket

Wet n Wild

We will enjoy a day at the biggest and baddest water park in the United States!

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Dining at Universal Studios

We will be able to dine at any of the wonderful restaurant at any of the them parks.

registry_cart_item_862989 Dining at Universal Studios

Specialty Restaurants

Specialty Restaurants

Together, we’ll experience an array of Carnival’s restaurants while dining in a soft, romantic, elegant, chic and casual atmosphere. We’ll tantalize our palates with the fresh flavors of mouthwatering steaks, European cuisine, fresh local seafood specialties, decadent desserts and Chef Georges Blanc’s superb French-inspired dishes, all complimented by a bottle of wine from their extensive wine list!

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Unique Ideas

Art for Our Carnival Honeymoon

We would love to shop for a piece of art at the onboard art auction as a cherished keepsake from our Carnival cruise! This piece of art will adorn our home and bring back memories of our dream honeymoon.

registry_cart_item_832258 Art for Our Carnival Honeymoon

Photos of Our Honeymoon Cruise

We’ll cherish a portrait of us on our Carnival Cruise in the many years to come, looking back on the magical experiences on our honeymoon!

registry_cart_item_830949 Photos of Our Honeymoon Cruise

Internet on Our Carnival Cruise

Internet on Our Carnival Cruise

We would like to stay in touch, with our family and friends, keeping them posted on all excitement on our Fun Ship Cruise!

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Exotic Hand Ritual Manicure

Pamper me to my fullest with this ultimate spa manicure! Before indulging in a traditional manicure, my hands and nails will be restored and nurtured with warm aromatherapy oils while smooth and soothing milk heals lavishly. My nails have to look good for our Carnival honeymoon!

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"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“Your going to have a great trip I'm sure”
- Sharmin
“We hope your wedding and honeymoon are everything you want them to be. Best Wishes!!”
- Erik and Mary Jensen
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