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Shannon Ingram & Duriel Cohen
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Shannon and I met at Grand Valley State University (4 time Division II National Football Champions) during our freshman year. We lost touch after freshman year, and reunited March 2007 at the Symphony of Soul concert. We have been inseparable since then.
Our engagement story started long before the actual engagement. I had to change or alter my proposal plans 3 or 4 times in order to get the shock valve I had envisioned. The patience paid off, because she was not expecting it and caught totally off guard. It started by making Shannon think that she had planned out this beautiful 'date day' that we try to do once a month. Once I found out where we were going for lunch, I coordinated the proposal plans with the restaurant manager. It happened at Shannon's favorite restaurant in Grand Rapids, the Blue Water Grill. It was a perfect day with just the right amount of sunshine to reflect across the lake at the restaurant. The entire staff at the Blue Water Grill was in on the surprise and absolutely awesome at keeping it secret until the right moment. Shan and I started lunch as normal, talking about our week, family, relationship. About half way through lunch I gave our waitress Mindy the code word and she brought out the Rose dipped in 24K Gold that I purchased for Shannon. As she was opening the rose box, the staff was taking pictures and I placed the ring box in front of her. She was absolutely speechless. Shan and I had discussed earlier in our relationship the significance of the proposal speech. I said that it does not have to be long and drawn out, because the bride will never remember the speech anyway, she disagreed. Ask her what was my proposal speech. :) Nonetheless, she accepted.
August 15, 2009. Place is TBD.
August 15, 2009. Place is TBD.