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Anitah Burford & Thomas OLeary
Location: Binghamton, New York
So far wedding planning is going great! I got my dress!!! We have the bridal party picked out...9 on each side!!! We also have the limo, photographer, cake, caterer, reception, and ceremony site picked out! He's just got to get his tux, and the guys need to get their tux's. The girls and I went a couple weeks ago and got their dresses picked out and ordered. And my aunt, his mom, and myself are going to look at flowers this Sunday! We have the guest list done, and my mom is going to be doing the invites. We have the rehearsal dinner location picked out. The girls are planning the bacherlorette party and helping my family plan the bridal shower and we have the dates all picked out. April 26th is the bridal shower, and June 21st is the bacherlorette party! They wont tell me any details about the bridal shower, but for the bacherlorette party, during the day were renting a limo and going on a wine tour!! And then were going out at night, I dont know where though, they wont give me any details about that so! But I am excited!!!!
The color I picked out for the dresses is like a turquoise/seafoamish color, very pretty! It's a simple a-line dress with a sash around the middle! They all like it! I don't know what Tom's doing for the tux's yet. The reception is going to be at the Kalurah in Endicott, very nice place! I'm excited because we get to decorate it how ever we want, so Im getting a tulle ceiling decoration with the lights inside it, it's going to look pretty, and me and my friends decided were going to make the centerpieces. I want TALL vases...I dont know what I want in them yet though! We got Gances for the caterer, and they were very reasonable! I can't remeber what were having though :o( sorry! haha! We're having open bar!! It's going to be very fun!